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Galore TV Interview

To be honest, I was really nervous before this interview with Girlcult. My past is something I've kept tightly wrapped up. From the outside it may look like a beautiful gift but I guarantee, it's more like Pandora's Box. In hopes that speaking my truth would help me continue to process all the peculiarities of my past, I opened up (albeit somewhat shakily) about growing up in a Religious Sect, why I quit modeling and how I handled coming out to my family.

PAINTBOX - Nails Of New York

I really love the women who run Paintbox in SOHO. Elle Langston is the definition of elegance, class and warmth. She's an amazing example of women-run and owned business, so when she approached me about doing an interview for their Nails of New York series, my answer was a simple, "DUH!" Click the image to see the full interview on their stunning site.

Galore Magazine - Love vs. Career

In this interview, I open up about love vs. career. It's always a hard balance, especially when you have a one track mind towards success BUT there is balance if you're willing to fight for it. Click image for full interview!

Unbuttoned - Buffalo Jeans Mag

Buffalo Jeans interviewed me about my work and process after our shoot in Montauk and the Hamptons for their summer digital campaign. Click the image to see the full interview.